About Us


Pirton Hills Ltd is into consulting and provision of business management solutions through Business Process and Workflow Management tools. Pirton Hills also provides and implement Monitoring and Evaluation solutions

We have the expertise to help you redefine your business processes, build the suitable and appropriate solutions specifically for how you run your business

We are the local partners of KissFlow (OrangeScape) and LogicGate. These are two leaders on G2 Crowd Grid and also on Gartner Grid for BPM and Workflow cloud solutions.

We are also local partners of:-

  • Amorrack LLC, a specialist Monitoring and Evaluation consulting firm based in the USA.
  • Kissflow provides top of the class Business Process and Workflow Management solution creation tools.
  • LogicGate provides Risk Management solutions built to sit on your Business Process and Workflows.

Together, we provide you with cost savings in Business Operations and Risk Management solutions that results in the highest value creation ever imagined.